Yacht Maintenance


Neptune Marine provides a comprehensive Yacht Maintenance Program.  This service, which is typically included as part of our Yacht Management Package, is also offered as a separate, stand-alone service.  Neptune's professional crew will come to your boat and maintain all brightwork, fiberglass, carpeting, upholstery, glass, appliances, gauges, fittings and electronics.

Our Maintenance Service also includes complete above and below water-line hull examination, evaluation and cleaning, in order to maintain the integrity of your overall hull health.  This includes maintenance of shafts, propellers and anodes.  We evaluate the condition of your hull, including the scope of any electrolysis and the condition of all shaft and trim-tab anodes.  We will replace these anodes as necessary to help stave-off ongoing electrolysis.  Certain hull conditions may require a haul-out, while others can be addressed using our SCUBA gear, as we are SCUBA certified for this purpose.

Neptune offers Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual Maintenance Plans, where you can rest assured that your valued yacht will be highly-maintained on a scheduled basis.  Our crew will travel to your yacht, comprehensively evaluate your yacht and complete a Pre-Maintenance Report.  We'll then undertake the maintenance work which is scheduled and, upon completion, provide you with a Post-Maintenance Report, which will detail each job performed on your vessel and the results.  Whether you take advantage of our Maintenance Service on a one-off basis or on a selected Maintenance Plan, you'll receive the full treatment.  You will get a full Pre-Maintenance Evaluation, comprehensive Yacht Maintenance Services, as described, and Post-Maintenance Report.

Our Maintenance Services

  • Glass
  • Fiberglass
  • Upholstery
  • Brightwork
  • Appliances
  • Gauges & Fittings
  • Shafts, Propellers and Anodes
  • Hull Cleaning via Haulout or using SCUBA
  • Evaluate Electrolysis & Replace Anodes as Necessary

Our Maintenance Process

  • One-Off Maintenance or Maintenance Plan; You Decide
  • If One-Off, then a One-Time Maintenance Job is Done
  • If Maintenance Plan, then Periodic Maintenance is Done
  • A Pre-Maintenance Evaluation is Performed
  • A Pre-Maintenance Report is Completed & Provided
  • Maintenance Work is Performed
  • Upon Completion of Maintenance Work, a Post-Maintenance Report is Produced & Provided
  • You'll Receive Before and After Maintenance Reports